Vision and Mission

God has shown many different people around the world the vision about the great awakening that will take place in the days/months/years to come. One of the visionaries has been Dr. Elijah Kim from South Korea, who was called by God while ministering with his wife Rev. Amy Kim in the Philippines. He was led by the Spirit of God to come and prepare the ground for the great awakening that will originate from the New England region, specifically in Boston. This awakening will affect not only North America but also the whole world. God showed Dr. Kim several times in visions, a big center as a “City of Prayer” comprised with multiple buildings that will have a capacity of hosting about 100 thousand people to a million people.

Thus, the Vision

Cultivating the Quiet Revival, which took place since 1990 to 2019, is now leading to a Global Revival through prayer movements and the training of church and lay leaders around the world.


  • To facilitate intercessors from all over the world as they intercede for the worldwide revival.

  • To equip the body of Christ for effective ministry for the furtherance of the Gospel.

  • To create a refreshing environment for ministers, Christian workers, and other believers.

  • To become a global spiritual center that connects Christian ministries, social organizations and prayer movements that are working towards the Global Spiritual Awakening.