Meet our Team Leaders and Members

Rev. Elijah J. F. Kim, PhD.

Dr. Elijah Kim has been ministering in Korea, Philippines and many parts of Asia. Afterwards, he studied on the decline of European churches, Islam and Judaism in England. In February 2004 he came to Boston, Massachusetts. He was led by God to work as the Director of Vitality Project at the Emmanuel Gospel Center. Dr. Kim is interested in the spiritual ecosystem of Boston because the whole of the ministries in the city is interrelated with one another as a living system. The Boston spiritual ecosystem led to Boston's first citywide survey, statistics, analysis and evaluation through EGC Research Institute. In 1990 and 2010, as the survey proceeded over three decades, the Caucasian Church continued to decline, and the immigrant churches found a prominent phenomenon of Church Growth and named it the Quiet Revival.

The Quiet Revival resulted in two types of research and expectations. The first is the realization of the revival and the second is to create the ecosystem for revival, that is, not the revival of any one church, one ethnic, or race but for everyone. Through this, the Emmanuel Gospel Center leads the Boston ecosystem in healthy and strengthening networking.

Dr. Elijah Kim then became Director of the Vitality Project in 2005, which led him to teach at CUME, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, training not only mainstream leaders but also Latino Christian leaders. Dr. Kim involved the Intercultural Leadership Conference, connecting New England’s six states, and became a City Impact Roundtable executive member in the United States, naturally guiding him to establish the Global Urban Ministries Network that connects nations around the globe.

From this comprehensive perspective, we recognize that it is very important that the church as a whole living system must be united, in order to prepare for the upcoming revival. Creating a living system is leading the church to experience the revival of the area in which we live as one of every constituents in the city.

Then, in 2007, Dr. Kim while he was on 40 day fasting at Jubilee Christian Church received a vision that there will be a “city of prayer” boosting the world's greatest revivals that humanity will ever experience.