Prayer movement in history, Dr. Elijah Kim.

  • 1905 India: impact of revival, both local & regional.

  • Jonathan Edwards: timing of impact not as expected, when he leaves the church.

  • George Whitfield

  • Corporate prayer is followed by impact, yet timing and extent of impact (one church, many local churches, region, or distant locations) is uncertain and maybe not as expected.

  • Jonah: God’s desire to see repentance/revival contrasted with Jonah’s expectations.

  • Zech 8:20-22. Seeing the city as a new Jerusalem reaching out & beyond.

  • Great Awakening in Scotland: 1730 1st wave, 1741/42 2nd wave, in 1744 100 Boston ministers join in prayer for 2 years, & 1746-55 3rd or greatest wave occurs.

  • Pattern of waves. Is the Quiet Revival the first wave for Boston? If so, what about the second wave? Will it transform mainline churches & unhealthy churches to vital churches?